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Keller Funderingsteknik Danmark ApS

Specialtechniques in ground engineering – Who we are

Welcome to the Danish subsidiary of the world´s largest independent ground engineering contractor

The progress that has been made in ground engineering has been closely connected to the history of the company since it was founded in Germany in 1860. Today, inventiveness and an innovative spirit form the basis for the company´s directive engineering performances.

Building on our strengths

We are your strong partner in the special foundation engineering techniques
We are your strong partner in the special foundation engineering techniques

As an independent and financially sound partner for the construction industry, Keller offers problem solutions for subsoil, foundation and groundwater tasks in addition to it being able to avail itself of a wide range of modern technologies.

When taking its size and financial strength into account, the combination of experience and resources places the Keller group in a position that enables it to offer the entire spectrum of ground engineering solutions on a global scale. Our services encompass the entire range of construction projects – from industrial, trade and residential projects to infrastructure structures for dams, tunnels, traffic routes and hydroelectric power plants.

Keller not only expand its services constantly with a range of special procedures aimed at solving special subsoil problems, they also serve to preserve existing buildings and meet the requirements requested to ground engineering contractors on environmentally compatible construction.

Services and solutions

Our wide range of technologies enables us to exactly coordinate the construction work with the project concerned – after all, the best and most cost-efficient solution often requires a combination of numerous technologies if justice is to be done to the various conditions.

  • Foundations
  • Excavation pits
  • Groundwater sealing
  • Subsoil investigation
  • Underground Structures
  • Safeguarding of buildings
  • Monitoring solutions