Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagement

Keller Funderingsteknik Danmark ApS

Integrated quality and environmental management

Quality management

Certified Quality Management System
Certified Quality Management System

Keller Grundbau GmbH has a qualified management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in place since 1996, enabling it to secure and document the quality of the products and the activities.

It was then and is now important to the management and all of the employees to show the clients and the experts that the principle of all management systems - permanently improving – is also the principle behind our activities.

The quality management aims at Keller are especially:

  • to meet the clients' expectations with regard to the products or services
  • to strenghten the trust in the quality of the company´s activities and products
  • to gain the trust of the clients in the quality capability of the company
  • to detect and eliminate risks 
  • to detect errors, eliminate them with planned measures and avoid making new errors

Therefore the customer is the most important person for Keller Funderingsteknik.

Environmental management

Environmental protection in special geotechnical work
Environmental protection in special geotechnical work

Keller Grundbau is aware how important the protection of our environment is and it has a certified environmental management system on the basis of DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 in place.

Keller Grundbau has been searching for environmentally compatible processes and technologies for years to realise these aims. This commitment was strenghten in the scope of the environmental management.

The most important objectives of the environmental management system are:

  • Protecting the environment and promoting ecological sustainability
  • Conscious dealing with natural resources in all activities by training all of the employees
  • building confidence (in the clients, society, the authorities, citizen initiative, the neighbours, etc.) in our activities
  • increasing the legal assurance for staff and clients with a systematic analysis and updating of legal and other requirements in addition to issuing instructions for the staff
  • determining the most important environmental risks of our activities and searching for alternatives and possibilities of reducing these environmental burdens
  • development and application of environmentally friendly processes

The protection of the environment form the basis of our work.