Injektionsverfahren der Keller Grundbau GmbH
Injektionsverfahren der Keller Grundbau GmbH

Grouting techniques


With the Soilcrete® process, mortared sediment can be produced for almost any dimensions for the most diverse purposes. In addition to the classical areas of use for underpinning and watertight excavation pit bottoms, this process is also suitable for the construction of complete retaining walls or for the creation of watertight seals or large groundwater barriers for the immobilisation of contaminants. As the injection is merely provided above a borehole, Soilcrete can even be executed under existing structures in many cases.


The "Soilcrete®" jet grouting process is understood as being a cement soil stabilisation. With the aid of a high-energy cutting jet of water or a cement suspension with an exit velocity of ≥100 m/s, that can also be shrouded by air, the soil that is in the area of the borehole is either cut open or eroded.

The eroded soil is rearranged and mixed with the cement suspension. The mixture is partly flushed out to the top of the borehole through the annular space between the jet grouting rods and the borehole. Different geometrical configurations can be produced.   The erosion distance of the jet varies according to the soil type to be treated, the kind of Soilcrete®-process and the jetting fluid being used, and may reach up to 2.5 metres.

After hardening, the Soilcrete® mortar has statically usable mortar properties. Contrary to the conventional foundation soil stabilisation processes, Soilcrete® has been successfully used for stabilisation and sealing in all granular soils including clay. This is also valid for mixed soils and alternating strata, including organic lots.

Soilcrete® acts in the soil as a stabilisation body or as a sealing body. Combinations of both of these properties are being executed to an increasing extent.

The Soilcrete® stability depends on the type and quantity of the cement content and the remaining soil content/types within the Soilcrete® compound. The Soilcrete® sealing effect against water penetration is achieved with suitable suspension recipes, possibly with the edition of bentonite.


Benefits of the Soilcrete® process

  • creation of solid and/or especially compact soul mortars of almost all dimensions
  • can also be used under existing buildings

Information for design and execution

Download the approval issued by the Institute für Bautechnik: Soilcrete® process approval (2.3 MB)