Große Bohrprogramme für Verkehrswege, Industrieplanungen, Talsperren oder Deponieerkundungen
Große Bohrprogramme für Verkehrswege, Industrieplanungen, Talsperren oder Deponieerkundungen

Subsoil investigation

Large drilling programs for traffic routes, industrial planning, reservoirs or landfill investigations including explorations, also on water (offshore and nearshore) are our strengths.

  • soil investigations in solid and loose rocks
  • onshore and offshore subsoil investigations
  • soil monitoring
Subsoil investigation

Processes and services

Subsoil Investigation - the key to success

The key to success

An exact knowledge of the geological structure of the subsoil is a decisive factor when it comes to analysing the soil conditions and its use for the most diverse projects. Examples are: foundation for structures, the construction of road traffic routes and excavation pits.

A sound geological investigation is also indispensable for the analysis of existing raw materials and solution of environmental problems.

An important aspect is the determination of the quantity and quality of the required soil data for each project, so that it is possible to address geotechnical aspects by using suitable equipment and experienced specialised personnel.

Measuring provides a certainty

The implementation of monitoring systems in the soil is an improtant step in the direction of the successful implementation of almost all building projects.

The "monitoring method", the insertion of measuring instruments in the ground during the building work is a recognised geotechnical monitoring and quality assurance process when it comes to completing complex building processes.

Groundwater measuring points with integrated data loggers, pore water pressure sensors, soil pressure sensors and horizontal and vertical inclinometers are just some examples of the possibilities provided by a building work accompanying monitoring and documentation.

Our services

Geotechnical monitoring

  • installation of geotechnical sensors

Direct investigation methods

  • dry drillings
  • ram core drilling methods
  • cable core drillings
  • auger drillings
  • small-scale drillings


  • setting up of groundwater measuring points

Indirect investigation methods

  • cone penetrations test (20 t)
  • cone penetration test with ongoing recording of the pore water pressure (CPTU)
  • dynamic probings (DPL, DPM, DPH)
  • vane shear test