Natural soils or artificially heaped up sand and gravel are often stored too loose, rendering them too inhomogenous for construction work.

A foundation soil improvement using the vibroflotation procedure enables such soil to be quickly, economically and reliably compacted, so that structures can subsequently be used as a secure foundation for structures.


The vibro compaction

The vibro compaction process is based on the effect that a vibrating of the depth vibrator results in the friction between the soil grains being briefly cancelled out, resulting in existing pore spaces almost collapsing down to the most compact position as a result of the force of gravity.

This results in a volume reduction depending on the soil property and the compacting effort.


Advantages of vibro compaction

  • fast, economical and reliable
  • no time-consuming earthworks or deep foundations
  • especially economical design of foundations and floor slabs


Information for design and execution

A corresponding arrangement of the compacting centres enables a sediment of any size to be compacted. The optimal arrangement of the vibro compaction points is usually best achieved by an on-site trial, where different compaction grids and methods can be tested and evaluated. As the inventor of the deep vibro technique, we obviously have a wealthof experience that enables us to create the technically and economically optimal foundation concept.